Function of Beauty First Impression

Function – of kimsuj

Recently I ordered a shampoo from Function of Beauty under the name ‘kimsuj’. After viewing advertisements and youtubers talking about this product, I decided to try it out myself.

Considering that I have numerous conditioners and hair treatments available, I decided to try out the shampoo only. So I went online and ordered a shampoo for straight, fine and oily scalp.

In a week, the shampoo was delivered and I was excited to check it out.

The color of the box was pretty and the packaging itself was neat and trendy. I liked the individualized tag and the font they used. This is definitely a minimal thing to note (but as a marketing enthusiast) I want to point out that they could enhance the user experience through the packaging by creating a better label. So making it easier to open the box? Or have a cleaner way to open it so that I don’t have struggle to tear the paper to open the box.

Anyways, onto the next part. I opened the box and…


And my shampoo was not in the box? I realized that the packaging had failed to keep my shampoo in the right position. This was slightly disappointing as I had been eager to see my shampoo clearly presented in the most aesthetically pleasing manner. I mean isn’t function of beauty supposed be packaged with beauty?


And the instructions paper seemed a little sketchy too. The crease, parting the two parts of the manual, seemed to have been compressed carelessly. Within the photo it’s difficult to see the messy crease, but just glancing over the whole package of my shampoo that I had been excited to receive was a little disappointing.


Finally, to the shampoo, which also did not seem to be in the right place.

However, it’s definitely a pretty shampoo. In fact, it’s one of the prettiest shampoo I’ve ever owned, and I would definitely like to keep it in my bathroom.


So on a final note on the packaging: underneath the packaging (that I expected to be pretty too), the shampoo is beautiful.

I haven’t used the product yet, so I don’t have information on the quality or the experience of the product, but hearing reviews from others I’ve heard it’s a good shampoo. After using it for a month (since a week is too short for me to assess quality), I will upload a review of the product.


Personal note: Unlike a lot of people (or bloggers) I tend to find products either bad or decent. I haven’t seen miraculous products that show drastic effects. So unless it’s bad, I don’t have a particular impression of a product.


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