1. Aventura

Michigan – Ann Arbor

Aventura is a contemporary Spanish restaurant with a stylish interior and delicious food.

Personally, I prefer the pintxos and cocas (flat bread) to the paella.

My favourite appetizer to start my dinner or meal is the ALMENDRAS Y PIÑA (pintxos). Although it’s small and overpriced ($4/piece), I just cannot stop myself from getting it. I don’t particularly like pineapples on food, but the holistic taste is great. It’s quite sweet, juicy and sour. So you can taste various flavors while enjoying the texture.


Then onto the flat bread. I generally like to mix up my choice of flat bread. This day I chose COCHINILLO. I would rate this 8.5/10 (btw, I’m a harsh grader). Retrospectively, the flat bread was delicious. I realized that Aventura does a great job in combining ingredients to create various flavors in one food.


The slaw, pickled onion and radish add flavor to the bread and pulled pork.

Finally to the paella. We chose an unconventional paella that came with vermicelli noodles instead of rice (not the best choice). I would give this a 6.5/10. I thought the paella was bland, especially in comparison to the other dishes in Aventura, the paella doesn’t give many flavors and it’s honestly quite plain.

However, it looks amazing.


The seafood is also quite fresh and juicy. However, the general taste of the paella is…plain.

To comment on the atmosphere of the restaurant, I wouldn’t recommend dinners on Fridays and the weekends as it can be very loud. It’s quite difficult to have a conversation and when you get home you’re exhausted from all the noise. The interior is trendy and stylish, so it would be a great location to take instagram photos.

Conclusion: Great food (not sure about the paella), great interior, but can be very noisy.


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