S’Well bottle

For a while, I’ve been buying water in plastic bottles but due to the negative effects on the environment I have been searching for a water bottle. When I searched for a water bottle, the primary aspects were design, size and functions. Within design, I wanted something simple and chic. As for the size, I wanted something small so that I could easily carry it around. Finally for functionality, I just wanted the water bottle to do its job and not leak.

So after a while of searching, I came across the S’well bottles. Actually, while shopping in Urban Outfitters I found the S’well bottles. Then I came across numerous of my friends who owned the bottle. So finally, I went online and ordered a set.

It took approximately a week for them to arrive.






I was a little doubtful here. I couldn’t imagine having a bottle that could insulate the temperature for so long.

(However, I was wrong)





My favorite part of receiving and opening a package is right before I get to see the products I ordered. The excitement never dies. I know what’s inside, but it always feels like a birthday present.




And finally my S’well!



I ordered two bottles. Both are in 9oz.

I love the juxtaposing colors as the light blue really brings out the vibrant purple pink.





So after all the unpacking, I used it for about two weeks.

And…it’s great!

Yes, it’s a bottle. But it really does its job properly and I love products that do a good job. I would pour in cold water before I leave the house, and after 6 hours, it would still remain cold! Experiencing the insulation directly really converted me into a supporter.

When I was younger, my mum used to pack me those bulky water bottles called “Thermos”. I hate those bottles. They were not only bulky and ugly, but they also didn’t do the job properly! This may be my personal experience, as some of my friends used to love those, but I thought they were failures.

Especially comparing it to these S’well bottles, Thermos bottles were too ugly to carry as a fashion item. With the S’well bottles, I could easily plop one into my handbag (due to the small size), and take it out of my bag with much pride. Yes, I love the design!

So, to conclude on my experiences: the bottle insulates drinks very well; however, I’m not sure if it does for 12/24 hours. Also, the 9oz size is small and you have to refill often, but I like it because I can easily carry it around and I can also put it inside my handbag.


Thanks for reading my post and I hope you found my experiences helpful!


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