3. Cafe Zola

The third restaurant I will introduce from my Ann Arbor Restaurant series is Cafe Zola!

Cafe Zola is my favorite brunch place and it’s a great location for instagram.

Cafe Zola


Location: 112 W Washington St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Breakfast/Brunch: 7am – 4pm

Happy Hour: 4pm – 6pm

Dinner: 6pm – 10pm

(And according to Yelp, Cafe Zola is a Turkish restaurant)

They are famous for their breakfast and brunch, and I would recommend it too. I’ve been there a couple of times with my friends and the food was always delicious.

The first menu I chose was the Kobe burger, which was great, but it was quite difficult to eat (due to size, which is the case for most) and it wasn’t special compared to other Kobe burgers. However, I met my favorite dish, “Monte Cristo”!

I would wake up around 10 am on a Sunday morning, then prepare and walk down Main street to Cafe Zola. Along the way, everything feels romantic and pretty. By the way, this walk feels amazing during spring/summer, but a little too cold to enjoy during winters.

After a nice brunch, I would walk down to Blank Slate creamery and grab an ice-cream (which is very difficult to do now because there are just too many people, so I opt for Kilwins). With great food and a sweet dessert, my Sunday starts amazing and I’m ready to put some work in for Monday!

This day, we arrived around 3:40 pm (just before their brunch menu ended). Also, it was awfully quiet, usually it would be extremely packed and noisy. But, the quiet atmosphere was nice to have as I could have a conversation with my friend without interruption.

20170409_160347To accompany our meal, we ordered smoothies. I ordered a Zola’s Simply Delicious, and my friend ordered a Five Berry Crush. I usually get the Five Berry Crush but for a change I ordered Zola’s Simply Delicious…but I must say I prefer the Five Berry Crush.

Zola’s Simply Delicious tastes a lot of banana, while Five Berry Crush has the taste of mixed berries, and personally (although I like Bananas) I prefer berries.

Finally, our food!

As usual, I ordered a Monte Cristo, and my friend ordered a Meatball sandwich. With the Monte Cristo, you also get strawberry jam in which you can dip the toast. The combination of the salty toast and sweet jam is amazing!

With plenty more beautiful days to come in Ann Arbor, I hope you guys have the opportunity to try my Sunday brunch schedule!


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